Monday , October 15 2018
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  1. Any new bloggers wanna support each other

  2. Terrestrial Alexis


  3. question. can you do a blog and video content on the same topic? If so, should one be more bare-bones, IE less detailed than the other?
    Which should be more detailed?

  4. 1 tip for all bloggers in 2k16: stop blogging

  5. Do a video on how to get likes on the youtube comment section 😂

  6. Fuck you Brian and your lost hope

  7. Another jersey shore looking gay wannabe blogger complex employee.

  8. The open window maniac

    Best tip for bloggers… Stop. No one likes you or values you opinion

  9. This hot new guy on complex hustle gives the best advice for business

  10. Drake got the juice

    Give us 10 quick tips to smash Natasha

  11. is the bgm hotel room service by pitbull????

  12. this was great help for me just more of a direct flow of how things should be definitely took tips here. thc C.H.

  13. Click bait 101

  14. Its like yall really dont know your audience.

  15. complex is for coons you think the care about this shit?

  16. Edward Sanchez Productions

    These are great tips for blogs

  17. TheTinyTimmyTimTim

    tip 1. Dont make a career as a blogger. Think of it as a resume.

  18. whats the name of the song?

  19. complex hustle takes the L once again fam

  20. The person who is envious to blogger will now give tips to the bloggers. 👏

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