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10 Truisms of Social Selling

There are enough rules out there today about social selling that they could fill several volumes–and do! To keep you on the straight and successful, here are 10 truisms that, if you consistently bear them in mind, should be of great assistance.

  1. It’s Goes Well Beyond Sales – for your company to truly support social selling, the whole organization needs to evolve–if you have not first aligned internally, you can’t align with the buyer.
  2. Spray & Pray Won’t Win The Day – be targeted, disciplined, and create value. “If you are everywhere, you are nowhere” – Rumi
  3. Business Acumen Matters – unless you understand business itself and the business of your buyer, you can’t contextualize, curate or create any content of value.
  4. If You Can’t Sell Offline You Can’t Sell Online – selling skills matter – social platforms won’t sell for you.
  5. Listening Skills Are Just As Important Online – resist the temptation to be always posting (talking) & take some time to read (listen)- you might be surprised what you will learn about your buyer.
  6. Share Generously & Thoughtfully and You Will Be Rewarded – if you have insights of value to share, share them without the expectation of getting anything immediate in return.
  7. The Future Is Unwritten – don’t let traditional paradigms or role demarcation hold you back – you can have a role in shaping what social selling becomes.
  8. Remember You Are Still Selling To People – the environment may be virtual but the people are real. Treat people online as you would face-to-face.
  9. Your Online Personal Brand Matters – buyers don’t just research your company, they research you too – make sure they find information that credentials you.
  10. It Is Still About Getting The Sale – don’t get too caught up in the medium – social engagement is still a means to an end. Use it to understand and engage with buyers in a value creating way but always remember you are there to sell!!

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