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  1. i love it…..

  2. Great video/information. The audio track ("Happy") was a little distracting.Thanks!!!


    well …but my question is… will these 3 tactics will workout in b2b ?

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  5. turn down that annoying music. barely hear you talking

  6. Michael Oliveira

    Lead generation is an art and relevance is the most important aspect these days. Without intuitive marketing you can have all the quote on quote correct keywords in order to show up on a google search but that is not what your clients/customers are always looking for. Humans have learned to communicate in a now pretense and not just type in general terms to find a particular product or service.

    Just like Travis says " the more you try and do the less effective you become" Running a business takes enough time and has enough moving parts already with trying to become a pro at lead generation. I have been in phone sales for timeshare sales and lead generation is HUGE. I started focusing all my time on generating revenue and pared up with LeadMonsters Inc to help with the flow of new clients life blood. Focus your time on what you are good.

  7. James Hargrave

    ur a sham buddy…i just seen u bumming a cig

  8. Grant Findlay-Shirras

    Dude. I hear people say "less people are doing print, so print is going to get better / it's still good." Travis, you say "it's quiet." HELLO, there is a REASON why it's quiet. People's ATTENTION is NOT there. Radio is quiet. less people are advertising on the radio. does that mean realtors should start advertising on it, because less realtors are on it? NO. because it's DEAD. The attention is GONE. Print is DEAD. The costs are going up. Less mail is being delivered to people's doors. The time people look at print is going down. It's quiet because it sucks. You know it. You even say, PICK 1 thing for lead generation. Facebook Ads, and Face to Face Relationship Building. THAT'S IT! That is literally all Realtors and all professionals in this world need to do until Facebook Ads are ruined, and then there will be another platform.

    Overall, Travis, you say a lot of good stuff, but dude, promoting direct mail, is not one of them.

    Keep posting great content.

  9. Can you mute the music in future videos as it is distracting listening

  10. So it is basically about advertising the brand or the company you are representing then?

  11. Silford Braganza

    What about Google Campaigns?

  12. Elise Gililand

    Great Video, lots of good content


    Great videos for lead generation..but
    may i know how to identify the potential customer and for whom i need to send the email…please give me some suggestion.

  14. Thank you very much for this! I have been given at marketing responsibility at my NGO, and I was having trouble being effective due to my lack of background in marketing. This was extremely helpful.

  15. Keith Jasper Ato

    i think your a good marketer but the music is disrupting your explanation.

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