Sunday , August 19 2018
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  1. nailed it!!! never too late to listen to your passionate advice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks Tom

  2. So essentially you did the same thing but you dedicates yourself to mastering it, correct?

  3. tom, i am in! no questions WHATEVER IT TAKES, WHATEVER IT TAKES

  4. It's really an inspiring video, I appreciate it at all.

  5. thankyou!!!!!

  6. Send More Calls

    #Jon Ciardella +John Duke #2016BYE @Jon Ciardella

  7. Hi tom! Love your show! What if you are a new agent who just moved. Where would you suggest We get leads from?

  8. # Q4 I am in..

  9. Arigato!!I'm going to use this schedule to promote my book,thanks.

  10. Gonzalo Manrique

    Wooow! Thank you for the time you invested on doing this absolutely inspiring vídeo. I will see your other videos right now!

  11. new coaching client and it is just so inspiring to see how coaching has changed my outlook and focus on real estate. You really do get what you focus on and Tom's job and the whole Tom Ferry team is to take the wild world of real estate and bring the coaching client back to True North Principles and mindset that keep you productive and in action. #crushQ4

  12. Patricia Choice

    @crushQ4, I am in!!! I refuse to be BROKE in Jan. 2016. I am going to make 2016 my most profitable, unstoppable year!

  13. @tomferry, I messaged you yesterday that my son just got licensed. He is looking for a role play partner. any referrals?

  14. tania gardere macleod

    @tomferry I'm all in baby! #crushQ4. I accepted @billpipes challenge at #salesedge last week. I'm making 30 calls/day! oh yeah baby! I"m not gonna be broke come jan 1st… I'm going to be setting up for the best year YET for 2016!!!

  15. You are super charged! Thank you!

  16. thank you!!!!

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