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6 Steps to Building Your Personal Brand: The Checklist

Your personal brand is the new sales call. Build it carefully.

This entertaining checklist accompanies our blog post about the importance of building a personal brand in today’s business environment.

Why is personal branding important?

The traditional sales call was designed to reach, qualify, and then pitch your prospect — by phone or in person. Today, that sales call has changed. To be effective today requires a whole new skillset: self-branding and content.

Buyers today conduct their own research online, soliciting peer advice, comparing products side by side, assessing sentiment on social media, chat boards or Google results, and getting a long way towards shaping a decision before they ever connect with your brand.

This checklist takes you through the six steps of creating your own personal brand:

  • Change your mindset
  • Get social on Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Microblog and blog
  • Set goals
  • Measure your goals

Download the checklist now and start rocking your personal brand right.

To build your own personal brand, become a trusted expert, and “go long” with prospect relationships. Take the position of a helper – with no expectation of a sale at this stage. This seemingly counterintuitive attitude is what now takes the place of the old sales call.

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