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  1. Evan Carmichael

    Check out my NEWEST video:

  2. JeremyandChristina 55

    Honestly great job

  3. JeremyandChristina 55

    Love you passion buddy

  4. Erika Sheffer Auckland

    I totally agree about the connection piece! Thanks for sharing awesome content, Evan 🙂

  5. Go Get It Real Estate

    +Evan Carmichael. Loved the VALUE you brought to this video. Gave me lots to think about and implement myself. I gotta go with #5. Show people what you have to offer behind the scenes and what type of community you strive for….exactly what you portrayed in this video! Awesome stuff!

  6. I am meeting with my first client tomorrow and I needed a refresher and new knowledge to stem from, I took too many notes lol, this really helped!! Thank you Evan! Subscribed!

  7. Thanks for sharing the tips bossman! Appreciate it and excited to apply and execute on them!

  8. Miguel Valencia

    Very valuable
    Very valuable content!!!!

  9. thanks for the this, Evan. I've become a big fan since I found you… via Roberto Blake.

  10. Dr Manhattan and Silver Surfer: The Matter Bosses

    I have just subscribed to you man, you always make videos that are extremely real. 😎👍🏾

  11. Francisco Morales

    Hello, I'd like to talk about HashTags.

  12. Thanks Evan for these tips, very instructive. Like it!!!

  13. We work with our clients to help them with authenticity and that "personal touch!." Great advice!

  14. Paulina Gutierrez

    Hi Evan, I would like to learn more about trend #7 where can I get more information or what courses can I take to learn about algorithm hacking, analytics and automation?

  15. Awesome tips!! Thank you!

  16. por favor libro en español

  17. I'm obsessed. Completely obsessed. Thank you so much Evan. I may have found what makes me tick. I work all day and all afternoon and late nights do I spend researching digital marketing and social media. I feel like you're giving us gems. I feel like I should be paying for this stuff. Thank you. @MrEliRodriguez

  18. i have a god question if I were to make a clothing brand should I produce it myself or should I just use teechip and companies like that? I would love some opinions

  19. freakin awesome advices. Thx bro. Love your enthusiasm and passion. Subded!!!!!

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