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A Story about the Power of Win Themes

Top Line Sales was engaged to help a healthcare insurance client prepare for an executive presentation following an RFP (Request for Proposal) process. Their largest customer issued an RFP which included all the services they were providing. They were very concerned, as we all know, anything can happen during an RFP.

We held a War Room meeting to determine what it would take to deliver a successful presentation and retain the account. We started with a complete dossier on each competitor. We analyzed each competitor from the customer’s perspective. In other words, how would the customer view each competitor’s strengths and weaknesses? We also put ourselves in the competitor’s shoes and considered exactly how they would view the opportunity and perceive any threats.

From that analysis, we were able to hone in our Win Themes™ (custom differentiators tailored for that customer) or areas of differentiation which put the lead competitor at a disadvantage. Once we had a clear competitive strategy, we turned our attention to the customer presentation. We made sure that each presentation point emphasized at least one Win Theme™ and included an example or evidence to further solidify our points. We wove in stories and statistics to underscore our themes. This was a very different approach from my client’s normal presentation preparation process which was professional but not as focused specific themes.

We did two rigorous dry runs over a three-day period. When it counted, my client did a great job and the Win Themes™ came out loud and strong during the four-hour executive interaction. This focused approach allowed my client to win the RFP and retain their customer. The net result was worth millions to their organization, and they continue to enjoy significant, ongoing business from that customer today. The win celebration was extraordinary as the team really internalized the magnitude of their combined efforts and what the win represented to the organization. They clearly saw the power of win themes™ in action. More work – yes – worth it – DEFINITELY!

Excerpt from, The TOP Seller Advantage: Powerful Strategies to Build Long-Term Executive Relationships by Lisa D. Magnuson, Founder & CEO of Top Line Sales.

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