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Building A Value-Creating Sales Force

If you want to rise above the noise, build a value-creating sales force.

The other day I found myself leafing through a well-worn copy of Rethinking the Sales Force by John DeVincentis and Neil Rackham. In this book the two authors boldly challenged the traditional ideas of value and competitive differentiation, and I was recalling how far ahead of the selling landscape they actually were at the time. It was written in 1999, and it was roughly a decade before many B2B sales organizations started adapting the concepts that Rackham and DeVincentis put forth in this book.

A great deal has changed for B2B sales organizations since 1999, but one thing has not changed. Sales forces must continue to adapt to the changing demands and behavior of buyers. You cannot achieve competitive differentiation simply by communicating the features and advantages of the products and services that you sell. You must understand how to create value for customers and know that it has everything to do with how you sell versus what you sell.

The big challenge now is how to build a value creating sales force that can continually adapt to the constant and rapid changes going on in the marketplace around us. It may be the biggest opportunity that you and your sales organization have out in front of you for the foreseeable future. I recorded a video addressing that specific opportunity and some of the insights that my team and I have gained over the last seven years while working with B2B sales forces to build value creating sales forces. That video appears above, so please take two minutes to watch it. Let me know if what I have to say resonates with you. You can do so by offering a comment in reply to this post, or you can contact me directly at

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