Saturday , March 24 2018
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  1. What is Pinetrest??

  2. Katherine Beneby II

    This is good

  3. Esperto Business Plan

    Good informations, exhaustive video. Very good speaker.

  4. nice video.Thanks for sharing

  5. The ruffle sound in the background is distracting

  6. Xtreme Ice Skating

    What a horrible, god awful speaker. And he doesn't even talk about the Diffusion of Innovations model, nor social movements. He needs to catch some lessons from to Simon Sinek and Malcolm Gladwell I think.

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  8. AMU Technologies

    nice video

  9. It would be nice if people would just get straight to the point.

  10. Hey everyone I am doing some research and I was wondering if their is any business owners that can tell me the biggest problems they face when trying to market on social media.

  11. nice video

  12. Feinster Style. Endlich mal kein Mainstream! Very Dope!! Keep it up Jungs! 😉

  13. r Social Media Marketing if you need a software to know systematically

  14. This is something brands need to know. The power of social media is based on how we use it to educate, entertain, and engage the audience.

  15. Have you heard of "it"? It's social and shopping in one place! #itme

  16. Thank You!

  17. Thank you, this was very helpful!

  18. Brilliant… My wife who works for the Spirit Lake Area Chamber of Commerce as their Social Media gal would be a professional stocker. 

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