Friday , October 20 2017
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Why You Need to Read Like Your Career Depends Upon It

Man, not again.   This was the thought racing through my head. The writing was on the wall. I was working for a non-profit organization as a copywriter. The organization was going through internal changes, and I had a hunch my job would be phased out. Turns out I was right. Thankfully, ...

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The Newbie’s Guide to Becoming a Better Writer

Writing. It’s an innate desire most people have. In fact, previous research revealed that 81% of Americans believe they “have a book in them.” Not only do most people desire to write a book. Many people write books every year. In fact, nearly 1.5 million books (new titles and non-traditional) were published ...

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5 Ways Your Website is Driving Away Mobile Readers

Can people easily read your content on their phone? If not, then your website is driving away mobile readers. There’s a good chance you’re reading this blog post on your phone. Nearly 40% of our readers use a mobile phone to read our content. If I were a gambling man, then I would ...

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SEO Copywriting Tips For Successful Websites

When SEO is (nonchalantly) mentioned, a few obvious things immediately pop into your mind, such as: Google rankings, link building, conversion rates, and Volacci (OK, I added the last one). While all of these elements are detrimental to your campaign’s success, there is another element that always gets ignored like ...

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SEO Copywriting Tips: Conquering the Four-Headed Dragon

One of the most debatable and misunderstood topics in SEO, that which can divide a country and sound the battle horns, is the role that copywriting plays in an SEO campaign. Is it truly necessary to write targeted SEO content? Are on- and off-page SEO copywriting techniques truly effective? Isn’t ...

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