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When You Sell, Who REALLY Calls the Shots?

After realizing you had just lost a sale, have you ever taken the “Sales Walk of Shame” back to your car and asked yourself, “What just happened?” You didn’t see it coming. In your mind, everything looked great. Your buyer assured you that things were fine and going well. Somehow, ...

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When Some Hunters Won’t Hunt, What Can You Do?

This might have happened to you or someone you know: great care is expended to hire a salesperson for the purpose of landing new clients. Anticipating great success, management even developed a plan for spending the surplus revenue generated by the new customers the salesperson will bring in! But then…the ...

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Dan Waldschmidt: Edgy Conversations

Dan Waldschmidt is a world leading business strategist, popular speaker, author and ultra-runner who refuses to accept business as usual, and who has been a salesperson his whole life. In this intense interview with John Golden, Dan discusses his book Edgy Conversations. The point of the book: Why is it ...

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Mobilizing Your Modern Sales Funnel

Smartphone engagement accounts for nearly half of all digital media time and 3 out of every 4 minutes on mobile! Regardless of your product category, modern brands cannot afford NOT to be in the space! But you’ll need to consistently program your app or mobile site with new, exciting, and ...

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Off the Cuff: That Great Opening Question

Jermaine Edwards Off the Cuff Interview Question: “What is an example of a great opening question to get a cold prospect to talk to you?” For most sales professionals just getting the right person on the phone is a struggle enough. By time a prospect actually answers the phone they’re ...

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Sales Lessons From the Super Fight

So on Saturday evening last we finally got to witness the most hyped fight in combat sports history when Floyd Mayweather Jr. from the world of boxing took on mixed martial artist Conor McGregor. Being a recreational martial artist myself (we also incorporate some boxing into our sessions) it was ...

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