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Lead Generation

Buyers Don’t Know What They Don’t Know

Traditionally, salespeople (especially when they are selling technology or technology enabled solutions) are trained and conditioned to lead with features and benefits rather than focusing on the value of their service offering to their prospect’s business. The issue with this approach is not only that every other sales person on ...

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What Are the Signs of a Great Sales Manager Hire?

Every recruiter deals with the issue of hiring a sales manager, which is a tough process of candidate search, comparison, selection, interviewing and, only afterward, employing. To make this process less significant, we’ve made a guide on how to identify an expert sales manager. Bear in mind that if a ...

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Where a Great Sales Strategy Begins

Off the Cuff Interview Question: Where does a great sales strategy begin? A great sales strategy begins with the company leaders sharing the same vision and understanding what it will take to get the results they need. The strategy must be based on a goal that was set using information ...

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Introducing Collaborative Strategic Sales Planning

One of the fundamental sales steps that is often missed by organizations is collaborative strategic sales planning. It’s all about engaging your sales team to come up with the key activities to grow your business. Instead of being a top-down organizational strategy which a lot of organizations do, get your ...

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3 Reasons That Elevator Pitch Doesn’t Get You to the Top

As you might know, an “elevator pitch” is a selling tool and conversation starter that very briefly but powerfully describes your business, product or services. It answers a prospect’s question of, “What does your company do?” Generally, a salesperson’s answer is a combination of bragging and self-focus–or a pitch that ...

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The 4 Building Blocks of a Selling Organization

Shawn Karol Sandy doesn’t aim for building sales organizations, but instead selling organizations. In our expert interview with host John Golden, Sandy describes the 4 building blocks of a selling organization: the cultures that you adopt, the behaviors that breed and live out that culture, the strategies that you develop ...

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