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Lead Generation

How Can Employee Advocacy be Enabled in Your Company?

Employee advocacy sounds like something that should just happen, doesn’t it? All employees should talk up their companies. Unfortunately this isn’t the case, though, for many different reasons. Sales consultant and expert Samantha Stone, author of Unleash Possible, reveals the results of a recent in-depth study that goes into precisely ...

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Growth Marketing: The Ticket to Whole Company Growth

What is growth marketing? As the name implies, growth marketing is marketing directed at growth. It helps hold marketers accountable to metrics and a constantly expanding bottom line. It means that Marketing looks at the full funnel, from brand awareness in someone’s mind, to conversion of a lead to a ...

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5 Core Skills of Outstanding Sales Leaders

In America’s Cup racing, just because someone is a great sailor does not necessarily mean that they will make a great skipper. The skills needed to lead a team of people are not the same as those who can get their foot in the door of multiple clients, listen for ...

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Sales and Marketing Basics: Align With The Buyers

People don’t buy the same way anymore. We’ve had enough of unsolicited and unwanted phone calls, both at home and at work. Likewise, we hate having to comb through hundreds of unsolicited emails. We’re fed up with intrusive social media messages. We’re sick of companies providing poor service, that refuse ...

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The Sales Pipeline Revealed

The sales pipeline is a visual representation of your sales process, in which all of your opportunities are displayed and neatly arranged according to their stage in your sales process. Here is an instant education on how you can evolve an accurate and effective sales pipeline. Let’s block ads! (Why?) ...

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