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Mike Bosworth Talks Storytelling & Sales

Mike Bosworth, one of the world’s most renowned sales experts believes in the power of storytelling in the sales process – in this video he talks to John Golden about the factors that go into make a salesperson a great storyteller and as a result an even better seller: The ...

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Why Is My Sales Team Losing Momentum?

Your sales team is performing well, you are reaching out to new prospects, turning them into new customers and revenue figures are looking healthy. Suddenly, however, things start to change. Your team is finding it harder to close deals and the percentage of staff achieving quota is falling. Momentum is ...

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Which sales practice should you beware of?

The common meaning of business practice is: “A method, procedure, process, or rule employed or followed by a company in the pursuit of its objectives.” It’s a means to an end. And the common denominator of all business strategies is growth. If a business isn’t growing, the end is near. ...

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Sales Reps: Do the Right Thing

For 12 years, I taught the subject of “Personal Selling” as an adjunct professor at Loyola University Maryland. A textbook was required in class by the academic-industrial complex, and once in awhile I actually used it–often to highlight the crazy ideas that PhD.s who write textbooks often have about the ...

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The “HAIL MARY” Sales Mentality

“They haven’t called me back.” If you’ve worked around sales much, you know this is probably the most common response to the question “Where are we at with prospect ABC?” This kind of response lands at my feet with a thud, like a bag of rocks, when given to me ...

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