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Salespeople: Are You Likeable?

There are hundreds of selling systems and sales approaches. “Unique proprietary methods” are touted by every sales consulting or development firm and every sales guru. But there is one common denominator that never varies: salespeople must be likeable. Likeability is the very foundation of trust, and before prospects will provide ...

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5 deadly mistakes that will really kill sales quotas

Setting sales quotas is not pure science; rather it is a healthy blend of both employing standard analytical tools and imposing the broader needs of the company. These are 5 deadly traps organizations fall into when setting sales quotas. 1. Applying a bottoms up approach; setting individual rep quotas and ...

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True Sales Tales: Forget The Short Sale!

No sorry, this is not an article about strategies to get out from under mortgage debt and sell your home quickly. It is quite the opposite. It is an article about how to take the stress out of the selling process, and put the relationship and profit back into it. ...

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Gaining Mastery as a Sales Manager

Per a recent study, sales managers aren’t taking the actions that would help their salespeople become more successful. Isn’t that what it’s all about? A wide range of skills are required to become a successful sales manager. What are they? Pipeliner CRM empowers sales managers to skillfully manage salespeople. Download ...

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Discovering the Missing Piece to Inside Sales

Pressure stemming from competition, budgets, and schedules has driven sellers to look for more efficient ways to reach customers. In recent years, advancements in sales and marketing automation have provided a solution: inside sales. Now, more sellers can reach more customers in less time without the burden of travel or ...

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The Biggest Mistake in Not Aligning Strategy and Sales

Off the Cuff Instant Interview Question: In your experience, what is the biggest mistake companies make in not aligning strategy and sales? The biggest mistake is confusing strategy with things like mission, purpose, forecasting, or goals. And that leads to the most expensive mistake: investing in selling initiatives that don’t ...

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