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Lead Generation

The “HAIL MARY” Sales Mentality

“They haven’t called me back.” If you’ve worked around sales much, you know this is probably the most common response to the question “Where are we at with prospect ABC?” This kind of response lands at my feet with a thud, like a bag of rocks, when given to me ...

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Sales Promises versus Fantasy

The request for quota predictions brings fear into the hearts of novice salespeople, particularly those new to the profession. It brings to mind the game of ‘Truth or Dare’ along with ideas for minimizing the damage that could potentially take place. Every new sales employee is shocked to learn that ...

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Why would C-Suite executives want to meet with me?

By clearly understanding your unique ‘why’, you will have the required confidence to overcome any doubts or fears associated with active executive access. When calling on c-suite executives, intent matters. If your intention is to sell them something, then you will probably be shut down. If your aim is to ...

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Joel Comm Best Selling Author on Entrepreneurs

Joel Comm is an internet pioneer, a New York Times best-selling author of 12 books, a professional speaker, a futurist, and an influencer. With more than 20 years of doing business online, Comm has found success in online marketing, blogging, podcasting, video creation, social media, software development, and mobile applications. ...

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