Tuesday , January 16 2018
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Be A Negative Nancy In Your Ad Accounts

September 12, 2017 Our instinct as marketers can be to chase what’s working and max out performance everywhere possible. When our optimizations are going swimmingly and we see conversion volume is growing and CPA is shrinking like a kid in a Rick Moranis film, we get to pat ourselves on ...

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The Art of Client Communication

September 8, 2017 Client communication can feel like a battle, a war that never ends, a constant struggle to feel like you have control of the relationship and of the account. There’s an ancient Chinese military strategy book that is considered the ultimate combat guide, The Art of War, written ...

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Adapting to the Upcoming AdWords Ad Updates

September 6, 2017 Another day, another AdWords update to juggle. Quite frankly, it’s all part of the routine as a digital marketer. While some updates initiate major strategic alterations such as expanded text ads or the seemingly forever ago removal of the right-hand rail, the vast majority are minor structural changes. ...

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