Sunday , August 19 2018
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  1. Need clients ? Door knock now !!!

  2. client generating expert

    Really cool video and very informative 👍

  3. Top notch presenter! Not my niche but really enjoyed it

  4. Thank you Tom for that great Show educating me once again, and refreshing my memory on how to continue growing my business!

  5. Your best episode so far. Too bad many will watch this to only go back to their mundane "systems" of desperation, no planning and barely making a living.

  6. Great video. Have heard many agents avoiding door knocking and from my own experience door knocking has been my ultimate source of leads and helped me own my farm area. Don't be afraid of it, it is people who will open the door, the same kind you see at open homes 😊

  7. How do you do door knocking in condo communities? Would mailers be better? Or talking to the condo association and asking to leave door flyers ?

  8. Monique Lourens

    Please never stop, love your approach, just awesome!

  9. Hello coach Tom. I'm in the process of obtaining my real estate license. Love the videos you produce, and I'm gaining so much insight from them. One small thing about the videos. I watch many times on my tablet and in noisy area. The audio is great on your intro and closing bits, but during the "beef" it can get low. Thanks for everything you do.

  10. Karen and Paul Catania - Lyon Real Estate

    You hit the nail on the head! Great info to be reminded of. Thank you for the kick in the pants!

  11. In the almost ten years I've known you, this is the best teaching you've done. Strong, clear, generous, thoughtful and filled with brilliance. DAMN YOU'RE GOOD! You are putting a dent in the universe brother!

  12. I am a serial entrepreneur now in real estate. OH GOSH. head in my hands. SIGH.

  13. If you are a new agent, know this one thing: buying online leads is a losing proposition. You will be throwing money out the window. I know this from first hand experience.

  14. The Integrated Agent

    This was great Tom! Sending this too all our agents today.

  15. Maxence Renaud Real Estate Broker

    +Coach Tom Ferry Since I started in R/E in 2004 I have been spending a great deal of time calling on and following up with hundreds of FSBO's. Now though, all of them are registered to a website which became so popular in the last 3 years here that it has become almost like a second MLS. I used to do well with FSBO's (7 deals in 2014) but since last year it dropped to almost nothing (1 sale in 2015, 1 listing and 1 sale YTD). I really feel it is becoming a huge waste of time. My question is, should I just stop calling FSBO's and spend that time on my sphere, past clients, etc. Thank you.

  16. I got into resl estate because it's more interesting than practicing law. Love the show!!!

  17. Great Great Grat Stuff!! Love it!! 🙂

  18. Feeding the funnel today! Thanks Tom.

  19. Great!!! Using this on my coaching calls this week!

  20. Debbie Holloway

    So true @coachtomferry!

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