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  1. Everything Geek

    I feel like there isn't much money in this.

  2. I appreciate your videos 🙂

  3. What books or programs do you recommend to learn and master copywriting? What books and programs worked for you?

  4. Very interesting, I had no idea that's what copywriting is….I thought it was something completely different. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Word of advice. When you are introducing people to a possible new career it's still a career path. Maybe not sound like a total kid – be somewhat professional so people can take you seriously and thus your guests. Your guest is much more professional than you. You are a joke.

  6. Federico Whoz Raichensztein

    hello! this video was super helpful, but i couldn't find other videos explaining carreers like this one , could you tell me which ones are?

  7. I don't understand how it works on Upwork. I've had the account now for 3 days, and in that time I've already made 17$ from it, which I know to a lot of you guys is nothing.

    But the point that I'm getting at is this: Upwork doesn't allow you to send out an unlimited amount of job proposals. So after you send out 25 applications, you have to pay 10$ a month for another 20 job applications?

    How do I get work if I'm only allowed 25 applications per month? Upwork has made it impossible for me to get a job. I don't get it.

  8. ask charlie if he could take me in as his apprentice. I am an academic freelancer who is recently looking to go into copywriting but I think I have a lot of theoretical knowledge and no practical training…please help a friend out.

  9. Great interview… these career options are just getting wider and wider. Thanks for keeping up the great work.

  10. Stephen Buswell

    Do you think you will have enough for a double bed soon?

  11. When you mentioned someone who majored in English and creative writing, I said, "Who, me?" Anyways, this was really helpful for me. I'm going back to school soon to study marketing, and being in the English field, this is something I want to try

  12. I've been a copywriter for 15 years. I've mainly worked small to mid-sized agencies. In 2015, I lost my job and on advice of a friend, went freelance, billing myself as a web content writer. I strongly suggest this title for people starting out, as web content writing is in high demand. It can encompass websites, blog posts, SEO, social media and video. I've leveraged it into eBooks, white papers and more – any copy translated digitally.

    One bit of advice is to create your own website (easy enough with squarespace) and start a blog page dedicated to how you bill yourself. Incorporate SEO principles into your website, especially the blog. This shows people you know what you're doing, and the blog acts as both a sample of your work and as an introduction to your thought process and views.

    Thanks to connections I've made in my career, I had some work pretty much right away. What surprised me most though was after 6 months, I no longer had time for upkeep of my blog or website (there's still only 3 posts on it). It has actually been a full year since I've searched for work. I've followed leads others have given me, but I've been so busy with work coming in, I haven't had to do any cold calling or go to industry events to sell my services. If you have the ability to do web content writing, work will find you.

  13. these inline videos are really weird 0.0

  14. Physics vs Math major?

  15. Can you do a vid with an actuary? or a quant?

  16. I can't believe he just said to go to That website is a complete scam. Don't go to that website. That's all.

  17. Your instagram link does not exist. Can you post a new link?

  18. Am I the only one who finds the royalty free video clips completely cringe worthy?

  19. what can you do with a geography degree?

  20. twistedblktrekie

    Someone finally mentioned Clickbank – yeah! Matt, you shouldn't feel inferior to anyone. Here's a positive affirmation for you: "Asians are awesome!" That's some off-the-cuff alliteration for ya – ha.

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