Thursday , September 20 2018
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  1. skillsuggest Training

    Great intro

  2. jesus christ ..

  3. what is cost off this course kitni classes hoti hai

  4. communication skill needs to be improved , too much aa aa aa. Its irritating.

  5. DigitalMarketingWebExperts in

    Nice video Good Explanation about Digital Marketing. Keep going.

  6. Hi enjoyed your tutorial well done : ) Do you have any references for the figures given on your second slide relating to cost of reach between traditional and digital marketing?

  7. Thanks and tutorial was much appreciated 😀

  8. Ideally you should have put them in parts. This is way too boring. I wonder if you know the first thing of marketing.

  9. Jon Means Digital

    Definitely educated myself just now, Thanks! You have a new subscriber! I try to keep my videos to the point, feel free to tune into my channel!!

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