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Executive Selling – Made Easy Using this Checklist

There are many appropriate ways to establish relationships with executives. The below Executive Selling Checklist gives you the steps you need to be successful. It also helps you to avoid all the common pitfalls. By following this simple checklist, you will enjoy ongoing access to key executives which will enrich your career and contribute to your sales success in an exponential way.

  1. Determine your purpose and the benefits associated with executive cultivation. This will help keep you motivated since we’re talking about a long-term effort.
  2. Target the senior leader or leaders who are most appropriate for your product or services. Engage the account based selling team to discuss.
  3. Conduct comprehensive and focused research which is the basis for building your strategy, approach, and confidence. Think ‘The Goldilocks Principle’ – not too much, not too little but just right.
  4. Think through the strategic elements associated with your prospect or customer. Schedule a War Room session with the account based selling team.
  5. Pick your best method to secure an appointment considering all alternatives and success ratios associated with each. Note, the very best method to get an appointment with the C-Suite is an endorsement or referral from within the executive’s organization.
  6. Execute your pre-call planning doing a thorough job of preparing for your executive meeting. Anticipate what could go wrong and put plans in place to avoid any pitfalls.
  7. Conduct all the appropriate post-meeting steps to set the stage for your engagement plan.
  8. Consider executive cultivation strategies for both existing customers and new prospects.
  9. Map out your customized engagement plan for each chief contact including calendarizing touchpoints for the next year.
  10. Commit to a War Room mindset and approach for top customers and prospects to keep focus and momentum high.

Your reward will be open access to key executives and ultimately to ring the bell more frequently with big, TOP Line Account™ ‘wins.

Executive Selling Done Right:

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What have you found successful in selling to executives? Leave us a comment and let us know.

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