Tuesday , October 16 2018
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  1. Youthification is a big deal. It is too easy to discount the older demographics but they are major players on social media.

  2. Fuck that one banner ad in particular

  3. dude you are everywhere I use to do iln lol

  4. can I please get some subscriber's please

  5. Better invest in those companies

  6. always great content that is still very valuable today

  7. Love Gary! Great speech!:)
    But front row are terrible – no reaction, really slow, tight brains…

  8. Franklin Wolfson

    Gary Vee is changing lives.

  9. Great thinking! Didn't even notice Vemma till Hour or so in. And it matters not. This is advice for any marketing venture.

  10. Joshua Ray Farmer

    I love Using your content at a kickstart to getting the things done that matter to me. and in turn learn how to scale it at the same time. thanks my friend.

  11. Gary has changed my life.

  12. Im sitting here in the office and started to clap at one of his comments…awkward stares anyone?

  13. 1:32 is it possible that the woman was hustling by showing her own product (drink) into the camera? 😀

  14. i think gary said "for the youngsters in this room" too much. the people in that room were 35-60 yo so i guess they stopped paying attention, thinking gary was giving basic 101 knowledge about life.

  15. Where does he talk about music?

  16. Gary is a genius, but 1 thing i think he is wrong about, is the things about people being addicted to their phones, and not having fun like they used to.
    People used to have a great connection with life, with their friends and family. Now the only thing they are screaming about getting connected to is the WIFI. Its a problem.
    I was in jail for 1 month, and it made me a bit happier to be honest. I was actually socializing and talking with people face to face. People actually lack love these days, do you think kids like to have their parents looking at their screens more than at them?
    Look at the school bus these days. Everybody looks dead at their screens, or staring out the window with a fear of human contact. In jail i didn't have as much social axienty as i have outside. I understand its different when you live like Gary, having meetings all the time and talking with people all the time. But Bob, living at home with his parents, sitting on his room without any friends, and only his computer, is gotta be feeling a little empty on the inside. And its 1000000s of Bobs living today, its not rare anymore. Look at the audience, they are not paying attention, and its clear. You see it very well in their faces.


  17. Sharnee Bennett

    Marketing In the year we live in, perfect advice Gary.

  18. Deadbeat Super Affiliate

    I really love Gary's energy. One of my favorite internet marketers by far.

  19. He was able to grow his business to $60 mil without internet or with?

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