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  2. Nice video

  3. thanks Mr.Daniel for your knowledge

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  5. Awesome Video.. I forgot about this video:-)

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    Thanks for the video. Useful info

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    Thanks for your video! But how do you get their email to your subscriber list

  9. Excellent value delivered here on internet marketing.

  10. Nice Video

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    Man i got $30,000 to invest and i jst want to win..tired of coming up short..good video

  12. Interesting video.

  13. Thanks, Daniel. Great Video. Keep up the good work.

  14. #James Akerman Excellent video! Just wondering dose your t shirt bring you leads or do people ask you face to face about it? @Frita Walker

  15. Hi Danieal,
    It didn't make me clear this point. Once a client clicked on my link in his search, then my web page appear and it called landing page or Lead capture page, Right? And I don't understand how Sales Page and Autoresponder work, yet.
    By the way, it's great video. Thanks

  16. Great video

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