Thursday , April 26 2018
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  1. Do a draw my life video!!

  2. your life is truly like aisha movie !

  3. the speech is so amazing and helpful ! your voice modulation is perfect !

  4. did you do something with the sleeves? you are making that sweatshirt look so amazing !

  5. it was so cute… when u said few few people ! 😂😂😂

  6. Hi, going wonderfull job but one advice to u tht plz some time ur camera nt focus n ur voice volume issue so plz check kkk..😗

  7. are you aditi bhatia 's sister ,cousin you look like her and your room tour plzz

  8. why dont u make a Q/A

  9. are you Aditi bhaitas cousin?

  10. was searching for blogging tips and here I end up on ur channel..such great tips thankyou 🙂 u got a new subbie ☺

  11. Livewiththe Sharan

    Wheres the sweatshirt from?

  12. room tour plsssssssssssss

  13. Can You do a video on how to start a YouTube Channel and how to monetize YouTube channel and tips and tricks on how to be a good Youtuber:)

  14. Hey Simran I think that you meet my sis yesterday in hotel palladium and you snaped a pic and wrote insta fans so please add that pic again and luv you and your videos 😍😘

  15. Hi!
    I really want to start my food blog and these tips really helped!
    and I would love if ill get my hand son Nicholas Sparks because I really love reading her books!
    I have only 1 and would love to get the other from you! <3
    keeping my fingers crossed

  16. You are so adorable and very helpful video. Also, what editing software do you use ?

  17. I would love to win the giveaway theswishbrowse and the reason is quite obvious 🙂 Since it's something given by you and any one of us winning that would be a lucky one. It's your way of showing love to ur followers. Receiving a token of love from our role model would make us reach on cloud nine 🙂 You have very fine taste and artistic flair. Secondly reading books is blissful and Nicholas Sparks books are to die for. I completely adore his write ups. Your fashion sense inspires us alot . U make us feel proud since you are from my native place , Indore 🙂 Just wish that u have millions and millions of followers in the coming years. You are an accomplished virtuoso in the field of fashion, lifestyle and beauty. Pls do have a meet and greet in Indore , pls 🙂 <3 :*

  18. Bestest❤️ I loved the video i really like the way you express yourself and i am great fan of Nicholas sparks can never miss his any of the novel nor a movie

  19. Harshita Singhwani

    Hey simran, I am a big fan of nicholas sparks and i was searching the box set since last year…I hope to get it this time …😘😘😍😍

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