Saturday , September 22 2018
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  1. Awesome information! Congratulations on your collective success!

  2. Social Climber Pro

    This is a great interview, thank you so much.

  3. Great video! 😎

  4. How do you "track the customers?" Is there a software that tells you how many people have gone to the business from your marketing?

  5. enjoyed this one thanks!

  6. Amazing breakthrough this is for us. Soon I'll be here. Soon

  7. 8 kids! Good job Joe! I just did three of your lessons, great training and tips, I can't wait to put it all into practice! Thanks guys!

  8. Steven De Los Santos

    I'm Honestly, so glad I got started with SMMA!
    Its a lot of learning, but I honestly feel like I have the skills to start making an incredible income.

    Joe Soto's training on facebook is spot on!!

  9. Joe Soto is the man

  10. the big sharks always wants their data base fills up. Thats what Tai wants least. so the future of social media is database?

  11. this was great ,
    gonna make it happen

  12. Artist Regina Mick

    I would love to have you as a mentor.

  13. tai lopez is an amazing sales man. Geez!

  14. My goal is to one day open up my own gym💪 fitness=life

  15. Warriors of Success

    Great interview.

  16. what's the name of all the books on the table?

  17. Let him talk for crying out loud!

  18. You should make some videos with Alpha M

  19. fuck this, I'll just play poker

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