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  1. What is the best way to learn how to create Facebook ads/social media marketing? I really want to get into this industry but I'm not what you'd call tech savvy. I've heard both good and bad things about Tai Lopez's program, and it is a little pricey for me at the moment. Has anyone gone through his program and gotten good results? Are there any superior programs out there?

  2. How are you possibly going to provide them with two weeks free social media and ads when you have to spend money? It will cost you..

  3. Meloney Victory

    Very insightful! Thank you for sharing.

  4. either ways, I still wanna own my social media marketing agency

  5. I have a question… do I really have to work under a digital marketing company in the name of learning, or just startup my social media marketing agency???

  6. I love all of the information you shared in this video! I hope to grow in my social media expertise as well and potentially sell to clients online! Subscribed (:

  7. Whats the max amount of clients you think you could do

  8. hi ryan, do you have a link regarding your social media program that you offer? would like to have a read about the packages… im from sydney australia… thanks

  9. You and Tai Lopez adjust your frames the same way lol. Good content,

  10. Robert Docherty

    If people don't want to talk to you, they're not going to talk to you. This mental manipulation doesn't work – and this sounds so fake and pushy. I'm sorry but I think this is completely wrong. Do you sell clients this way personally? I can't imagine. It's a waste of energy.

  11. quinton williams

    I see you!

  12. Wow what a gem I found

  13. Firstly great to hear a 12yr old with drive and ambition, also I would add this video is very informative and relatable.

  14. WoW, the best vid I have ever seen. I got this point, but how I run social media advertisement?! or how I mange it?!.
    First of all your videos are very helpful, and skillful  keep it up.

  15. Pretty Girl Swagg

    Thanks again

  16. Nice video! I am a 15 year old entrepreneur, very experienced with business and marketing, I know how to build quality as you can see from one of my current business. I will be on your channel a lot, glad i came across this!

  17. thank you i am about to start my SMMA and this would help thanks

  18. Somehow I knew that if I scrolled down just a little bit, I'd see the name "Tai Lopez" somewhere. Sure enough

  19. When they pay you $1000 or whatever it maybe for a package deal, is that your sole profit or is it your profit plus any money that you use for the Facebook ads and other things?

  20. Gracieli Ambrósio

    So, if you give two weeks of free service, wouldn't they continue doing it by themselves after it and Just say a big Thank you but I Can continue managing my Facebook Page from now on?

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