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How To Create Engaging Content That Captures Attention In 2018

Most engaging concepts for online content

The human mind loves to hear or see something cool, new, useful, provocative and fascinating. We love a surprise, a laugh, great and unbelievable things. All of these stimuli get the mind attracted and interested, and make the visitor stay longer. Nothing drives discovery in search engines and social media like these content concepts.

1. Humorous, uplifting, cute and inspiring content that entertains people

People want to feel connected, want to have fun and love to be entertained and diverted from their reality  They love to just hang out, or just waste time. They like to be creative and share new experiences.

Just look at what type of content trends every day on social media and sites such as Reddit. It’s a celebration of all the amazing, surprising, cute, funny, unexpected, interesting and emotionally enticing things.

Inspirational, heart-warming and feel good content such as human stories, music videos, stunning travel or food imagery, awe-inspiring adventurous videos, cute animal GIFs, memes.

2. Relatable and empathetic content that people identify themselves with

These are the stories with a human aspect that connect to people on a deeper level and get viral on social media. Authentic stories that people identify themselves with, that make them react, engage and share in order to support their particular background, viewpoint, interest or tribe they belong to.

People love recognition. They want to earn respect, want to feel like they belong. They want to express themselves, promote themselves and share their views. They want to change opinions. They want to share content that resonates with their own experience and their self-identity. They like to share content that says something about themselves.

3. Problem solving content that’s helpful, useful and educational

People seek information and content on the market before deciding to make a purchase. They do this on Google and Google takes them to educational content published on blogs and websites. You want to be the place that Google surfaces for relevant keywords and phrases.

Be a resource, share your expertise, your experience and know-how generously. People like to keep up to date on the topics that they care about. They love to learn something new. People want to feel progress, they want to do better. People want to know what worked for someone else and if it can work for them.

Make your content extremely informative. Create more of this practical evergreen content that fully answers questions real people have. Be the best answer for questions such as “How do I…?” or “What is…?”:

  • Share insights and give away your secrets.
  • Demonstrate hacks and tips.
  • Teach, inspire, help people and make their lives better.
  • Tell people about your problems and how you have solved them.
  • Interview authorities on your topic and curate lessons learned and takeaways.
  • Do original research with surprising data and inspirational real-life examples.
  • Report on the findings from scientific research and studies.
  • Create side-by-side comparisons and before and after case studies.
  • Create lists of ideas, people and resources.

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4. Breaking news, trends, celebrities and events

Break news stories if you can. If you can break a story before anyone else, you will be heard. Most of us cannot break news, but we can still be timely and topical. Think opportunistically about the news and tap into the existing conversations by creating posts about topics that people care about and are excited about.

Trends, people and events.

Cover celebrities and other personalities such as writers, politicians and sports stars. People love to learn about the experience and lives of big personalities.

Write a roundup review of the recent big events. Summarize everything and make it all easy to understand in one referenceable article. Focus on the meaning of what happened rather than the happening itself. Provide context, connection and the larger picture.

Bridge the conversation and make it relevant to the audience you are trying to attract. Explain to your audience why they should care and how this affects them. Use bridges such as: “This story is a nice reminder of…”, “The same thing happens in our field”, or “What’s the takeaway from this story?”.

5. Be real with deep and personal content

There is one thing that every website has that is very unique. You are unique, what you know makes you unique and no other site can copy that.

Bring yourself to the front. Blend in your own personal knowledge and integrate your personality into the work that you are doing. It should be clear who is behind the post.

Be personal, intimate and conversational. You have your own thoughts, interests and concerns. Be brave and tell people what you think. Always incorporate your own thoughts and analysis. Personal opinion counts and it is the person behind the content that makes it stand out. 

Don’t censor yourself, write from your heart and be yourself. Develop your own unique style and voice. Controversy and strong opinions with specific views on trending events continue to provoke clicks and engagement.

Fully embrace your passions and obsessions. Live an interesting life. Valuable skills translate into valuable content and valuable content translates into valuable opportunities.

If you can tap into this goldmine, well then the content you pump out will be golden as well. By sharing stories about your life and making connections in this way you make readers feel like you are a real person and not a machine just cranking out content.

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