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  1. Hey Guyes..! Your videos are very very helpful for me to understand this new process into pre-sales client relationship, so thank you so much, seating in India and getting fantastic knowledge about "Contract's" , Proposal writing", "How to close sales Design Job? and now this Lead Generation & Close sales , seriously guys it is a all time learning experience and I am requesting you that if possible -Kindly help me out with topic like – "Why Research is Important for Pre-sales "? "How to gather and connected with giant client's? "Steps of Business development ? … Again thank you soooo much to becoming my "Online trainer".

  2. I am excited that The Futur is here! I really like your talks on confidence, selling and closing.

  3. Man, you guys have grown so much in terms of content quality, style, character, presentation and obviously audience since these episodes, considering where you are now. Imagine where you will be in a year from now. Keep up the good work!

  4. Small Business Boss

    The "fluffer" made me laugh out loud. Great breakdown of the sales process. Too many creatives can't figure out the steps. 🙂

  5. So for a split second, Jose brushed over the importance of having a good file structure. This is something I have struggled with over the years. Efficiently (and consistently) organizing and structuring client projects/assets. Have you guys put out a video going over how you keep your client folders organized? As always thanks for the great content!

  6. Great videos, guys – Much appreciated. I've decided to take the freelance leap while living abroad starting in July. The thought of being able to make a living off of freelance has me vigilantly building up my portfolio and ability to pitch and propose to clients, as well as become more 'structured' in terms of business. I've got lots of things up in the air and these videos are very insightful, informative and well produced!

    Thanks gents!

  7. Love these guys.
    Chris is funny

  8. why does Chris never have a laptop?

  9. I know this is way late but I was wondering: do you pass on the note/ thank you card on branded stationary or just plain stock?
    I also prefer the small token of appreciation thing and somehow it feels dirty putting branding it.

  10. Trying to get you guys out here 🙂

  11. 4 min in and loving this.

  12. Hello, thanks for you videos guys. Is it accurate, or useful to send cold emails with a great capabilities deck attached to remote companies? Thanks!

  13. Hi Chris and jose, i would like to ask you, is there any marketing & sales strategies to get client beside what your mention such as referrals, social prospecting, etc or making cold call or cold email? thank you

  14. For weeks Ii've been listening in and have learned from you to go client direct. Now, Jose mentioned oDesk (which is now Upwork). This made me very curious. Do you believe Upwork is a good source for clients? I'm really curious because I want to grow my client base.

  15. Guys! I love the video. Could you do more videos about selecting and "priming" the customer? Do you really take everyone or do you have a number of questions, rituals, parties you do with him to figure out where you stand? Maybe you can make a video of how a proposal looks and how you deal with changes? What if he gives you unrealistic deadlines? What if he wants a lot of changes that were maybe touched on but not properly discussed? Give me the nitty gritty guys! I am jumping into the start up abyss!!

  16. Jose, I think a lot of artist and designers also have ADD and struggle to stay focused when there are so many fun projects in the queue. How do you handle your ADD? Is it a conscious process to stay focused or is just about finding the right work?

  17. Hi, thanks for the video. Do you have any advice on finding someone who can handle the hustle? I find it really difficult to do cold lead generation.

  18. Hey guys. I have a question. What would you recommend when referrals and pitching doesn't work(in order to generate clients). Would you recommend cold calling? Thanks in advance

  19. Very Informative! Found your channel, and enjoying all the videos. i thought the lead generation segment was kind of short though, would love to hear more on that.

  20. Hi Guys. Keep up the good work. I would like to know how to send a quotation to costumer for a big project ex. Website or animation. What shall I include except price and estimated hours? Do you guys have any example?

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