Saturday , September 22 2018
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  1. great video

  2. cu deadbeat!

  3. Hey Dan I bought your system & I have one question. How do you gather up the information for the review page … How do you research & study the product to come up with a decent amount of info ?

  4. im at minute 7 and had to stop to thank you for all the great content!

  5. palmtreeleebythesea

    Good video. Like the picture in picture views. Best

  6. Good info Dan. Thanks!

  7. Awesome video! Keep it up!

  8. Wow, thanks Dan to reply my question with this video, I really appreciate it and I am going to start affiliate when I complete my 10th board ssc examination. You really inspire me bro

  9. What kind of camera do you use to make your videos?

  10. Dan , what tracking software do you use ?

  11. everyone, build good content and do on page seo and follow dans tips, you will be on first page of google. Im currently ranked in the 20's, but slowly and surely im moving up. Hahahaha

  12. Amazing Content Dan!

  13. Social bookmarking or pbn links? Do I do both or should I focus on just one?

  14. Hi Dan, I'm just trying to purchase your deadbeat super affiliate system but I cant because there's some error…

    After I click "Check out with credit card", a new page opens with this written on:

    "There was a problem processing the Vendor's payment.

    The Vendor has been notified of the problem.

    Please return you to the order form, then try a different payment option."

    Please help me, I'm very interested in your system.

  15. How many times have you been penalized from using a PBN domain? Do you go direct to money site or do you use web 2.0's?

  16. Do you use Facebook marketing for your Affiliate Marketing ?

  17. Dan, was this video done on your lapel mic?

  18. Luv ya work mate

  19. Galavanting Gilbert

    great info man. thanks

  20. Do you ever use any off your affiliate sites as a backlink to another affiliate site? Or do you think that's not a good idea?

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