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  3. So how did you get the ACV company to pay you 5 dollars for each sale? Is it just like email their contact us, and then ask them to do that? If they say yes, how will you know how many people bought the ACV by clicking the link you provided? What if the company did not pay you 5 dollars for each sale and did not hold up to their end of the bargain? I am confused, plz help?? Im trying to quit my 9 to 5 and I find this very interesting.

  4. They could be having a baby right now. hahaha! Thanks man you're adding so much value with these videos. Congrats on the 50k per month. It must be strange to look back to your college days.

  5. Tips on actually getting traffic to your site? Thanks and great vid!

  6. Vailannika Travasso

    how much u earn from blog and youtube

  7. Hey Alex! WOW…this is by far the best video I have seen on How to Make Money Blogging. You have really broken each step down to where it makes complete sense. I've been taking so many courses and frankly have gotten overwhelmed on several occasions because people tell you how you need to be doing this and that…and your video tells you how to keep it simple and completely outlines each step. I look forward to continuing to learn more from you and Lauren!!

  8. Thanks for the great tips!

  9. I am watching today and I am starting to build my website but my question do I get email addresses. I am not on social media of course I will be but I've been watching lots of videos and nobody really tell you how you get your email addresses. I'm not for sure if Pinterest would work for me.

  10. Hi Alex! I have a few questions if you can help. I have a domain name I purchased and I am trying to figure out the hosting aspect. I signed up for Bluehost but I already had a blog and my domain is attached to Blogger. I just want a pretty template or theme and I already have tons of content. I just don't know what I should do about Hosting, A theme, and how to put my Google Adsense account on my blog. Do you have any suggestions?

  11. Ah for a sec i was wondering if that was my youtube landing page 😀 we got the same video suggestions 😀 Love mic the vegan!

  12. Shannon LaGrandier

    We are in the process of creating content for our blog. Is there information in the Launch Your Blog that we could use to help in creating our opt-in & first blog posts? We have the framework for our site, but now it is time to fill it with content & we froze up in 2015 and did not put anything into the site after the original framework was made for us. We plan to take your 6 Figure Blogging course, but I am wondering if we would benefit first by starting with the Launch Your Blog course? We are already hosted etc, we need to create the content now. We filmed a documentary called Road Trip 2 Health back in 2013. It is the beginning of our families journey to health. We filmed it on a 5 week road trip across the country & back. Our site is going to talk about traveling & creating a healthy lifestyle… We are LOVING all of the free content we have got from the two of you so far & can't wait to take it to the next level. Thank you for Everything!!!

    Much Love & Appreciation,
    Green Vibes

  13. AMAZING STUFF!!! Thank you for such a thorough tutorial 🙂 🙂

  14. hi, I heard that bloggers make money even through gif/greetings on special day .like for example if today as father day then bloggers create some stickers and make people to enter site to use stickers.i heard one guy made this and earned above 200$ in can you tell me how it is possible?

  15. Thank you for your help, I have had my site up and going for about a week, and have had over 35000 views (, I still having trouble with Pinterest lol. Any other helpful hints?

    Do you have to be a woman to sell to women? Would women listen to a man when it comes to things like weight loss and dieting?

  17. Great video, very informative. Do you think you can make a vide of some great wordpress plugins for blogs and how to set up a working blog? For instance, I would like to know how to set up subscription popups and link them with mailchimp (or other services) and how to send emails when people sign up, etc.

  18. Your videos are really good. I also want to start a Technical blog. Do I have to focus on Pinterest or on Twitter/Facebook.

  19. Hey please help me
    actually I had earned 0.79$ in adsense from blog and today I checked that estimated earnings were 0$
    can you get solution?

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