Thursday , May 24 2018
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  1. Dale E. Manolakas

    Great production value. Thorough information. Well presented. Am sharing on my Twitter following. E. Manolakas, legal thriller author.

  2. This is bored… it didnt help at all

  3. Ewelina Karbowiak

    she is okey

  4. How vain to say you look terrible and your hair is a mess. I can here to hear about a blog not how you look. Pride goes before destruction!

  5. did she just say messy hair

  6. blog with us yourchatterbox

    Grea t video

  7. do we need to spend money to start a blog

  8. Khalid Al-sayed

    thank you so much for your fruitful videos,,,I want to start my chanel,, I don't know to start with whom, blogger or worldpress or typepad or any advice?!?!


    Thanks u for ur info

  10. Any aspiring writers trying to make it in the world?

  11. Check my new video for start a blog

  12. any new youtubers that needs support? I subscribe back ?

  13. Vijayalakshmi Jyothish

    I saw the same pillow in the Collen vlogs in which she's singing shape of you…lol

  14. Messy hair ?

  15. Ernst Blignaut

    are you afrikaans

  16. Jeanie Loveland

    How do I start a blog for advertising being a Avon representative? Help!

  17. she is from South Africa

  18. Ruby Kensington

    Why is it that everyone doing a blog video just yaks on and on about nothing, no one cares about your hair and makeup!

  19. WordPress is also free for the basic package

  20. DOn't ever point out your negatives. You look beautiful! No one knew you were hot and sweaty

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