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How To Track And Validate Website Sales Leads By Marketing Channel

No Internet marketer wants to make important decisions by guessing, but in effect this is exactly what many of them do — without even knowing it. Although they’re not throwing a dart at a board or randomly picking a number, they’re making important decisions about their lead generation websites and campaigns without all the information they need. This means they’re leaving the success of their campaigns up to chance, and that’s a position in which no online marketer should be. That’s why the professionals here at PPC management agency Straight North advise our clients to make sure they include lead validation and tracking as crucial components of their campaigns.

Lead validation and tracking solve a major problem lurking within the data online marketers have at their disposal. Namely, the raw conversion numbers they get from Google Analytics don’t distinguish between conversions that are true sales leads and those that are not. What’s more, they don’t track any information about phone calls. Because nearly half of all website conversions turn out to be interactions such as customer service inquiries, spam or incomplete form submissions, it’s essential for Internet marketers to be able to know the difference.

Without that information, marketers may assume a source that pulls in high amounts of conversions is more successful than one with lower conversion totals. However, unless the marketer knows exactly how many of those conversions are valid sales leads, he or she may never know which source truly is the more successful one. The following guide lays out the process of adding lead validation and tracking to a lead generation website, step by step. By implementing these processes in your website, you’ll prepare yourself with more detailed information that can allow you to better optimize your website. Don’t guess how successful your site is — know for sure.

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