Sunday , August 19 2018
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  1. Simp nigga. Fuck these hoes and go. MGTOW!!!

  2. The links in the description gave my computer a virus

  3. hi sir, plz teach me also i don't wnna go anywhere czz i m a student so i don't have time to go for the job.

  4. Do u need to get certified?

  5. I know your videos target the millennials, but I'm in my early 40s, GenXer, and have been laid off 4 times in a row, having trouble getting a job despite my extensive experience. I'm diving into this and thank you for sharing

  6. is ad talking to me

  7. It would look good if you got a Degree on your resume like an associate degree in New Media Technology. That's what I'm getting my degree in.

  8. Ah go to college anyway you loser

  9. is there any free way to learn please , i can't afford paying for this course , i appreciate your help and understanding , i like your work , and i hope someday become skilled enough to make a living of it .

  10. This made me feel good…..

  11. I'm 27! are employers usually only looking for 19-22 year olds?

  12. Analog SamplerOperator

    ha the truth is everyone wants to get rich by not doing any work. None of these digital marketing agencies work, its all a scam. Truth no one wants to hear, Hard work will always pay off. Quit trying to find an easy way out, it's not going to happen.

  13. 40K a year? you can't even survive in Los Angeles for that much.

  14. Mandela Effect Conference

    Udacity just came out with a solid digital marketing course. probably better than drumming up support for the neighbor next door.

  15. for real wow

  16. Joshua Hernandez

    Awesome video guys! I like the legal disclaimer at the end, it made me LOL.
    A risk one must take upon thier God given free will.

  17. Jonnathon Garcia

    I took this course 2 weeks ago and its totally worth it. I'm a sophomore in college, and I'm going to drop out because I got offered a job. I'm going to get paid 2000 a month to get trained for the first few months, and this is my first job I've ever had. Thanks to Seth's course my life is going to change for the better.

  18. personally, I think higher education is a waste of time anyway. I graduated with a bachelor's degree from California State University Sacramento and got nothing out of higher education. Now I have a student loan. That dude in th video is doing fine.

  19. Im guessing he is from Zim…

  20. His LinkedIn says he has 2 years of SEO experience? Interesting. As much as I want to believe, it all just seems so shady.

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