Tuesday , January 22 2019
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  1. you talk a lot but you say nothing

  2. Can any country citizen do this course?

  3. I live in a world where $100 is a lot, so for you to be selling thats at $1,000 makes me cry. ;'(

  4. he makes money like crazy just from his classes on there says promise to teach others
    i got my own non profit charity that is raising money for women with children who lost there husbands to violence i started that out the goodness of my heart
    he wants you to teach if i would paid this 1000$ for the classes i would taught people for free WTF
    of course he makes money idiots buy his class then spread the word

  5. Pretty Girl Swagg

    I love this mentor my friends🌼

  6. Pretty Girl Swagg

    do you know the difference between great and amazing let me teach you

  7. Pretty Girl Swagg

    Thanks again handsome

  8. awesome I am 15 and already have a small business and a house I rent out.

  9. 1000 dollars my ass. I just got it for completely free but thanks Tai 😏

  10. KNAWLEDGE!!!!

  11. Would 15/16 years old be too young to do this?

  12. I wish I would have the money, I don't even have a job right now 😔

  13. I want to take the course but I live in Ecuador, where is the course and how can I do with a visa for this course?

  14. All this dude does is talk and click bait you fools into listening 30 minutes for him to say buy this product to learn how to do this…

  15. How much it's gonna cost for the whole 4 month ?

  16. your incredible my bro

  17. I visited one of these sites of his and thought.. too much… he had completely sold me on it though. lol

  18. Mr lopez im new at my business the date is march 10 2017 im starting a 6 week entrepreneurship course on monday that will be teaching me how to go about structuring my business but I wanted to figure out basically how I become an expert on what it is that you were offering to teach at one point in time im late and obviously missed the chance to join your program but I was wondering if you could point me in the right direction thank you

  19. When does this business start to become too saturated and too much competition?

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