Thursday , April 26 2018
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  1. google adwords doesn't like affiliate programs

  2. $300 for yet another bullshit course from a guy who has sales pitch on youtube that has just 6k views in two months. LOL. He can't even drive traffic to his own scam.

  3. Brian G Johnson TV

    Great video dude!

  4. First video I've watched from you. I like the way you present it, I'm going to follow you now stick with this and hopefully see my own results. Thankyou for uploading.

  5. tell me one thing sir when there are so much free stuffs out there on internet why would people pay for the same

  6. What's the dif between a landing page and a sales funnel?

  7. Flatt Out Video Productions

    What do you do if you do not already have a large social following?

  8. Excellent Marcus appreciate your simplistic teaching. I can do this. Do you have specific step by step training?

  9. what would you expect your daily ad budget to be in order to make $300 a day

  10. great info but, my sites with affiliate links always get suspended by adwords. Any work around?

  11. Thank you for the good info and inspiration. Love your humor.

  12. I'm a few weeks away from launching my first campaign. I am GEEKED!! Funny opening to a great vid. You know I've learned a lot from you already, so you're really just creating a beast over here. ….confidence may flag if my campaigns fall flat, but otherwise; BEAST-MODE COMETH!

  13. $0,21 Per minute seems doable

  14. there's no link buddy. good video tho. I teach the same concept and nothing else

  15. loving the intro Marcus. it's a lot more catchy and over all 100% more improved then 3 months ago when I first started to watch. keep up the good work. and today's video was a lot more of an eye opener. so thank you

  16. Michael Prevatt

    great video thanks for the info

  17. one of few good marketers that i see them active in youtube , i want to ask you the perfect way to make money from twitter account with 14000 targeted followers in internet marketing

  18. what is the websites that do you recommend me to start affiliate marketing business

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