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  1. YOUTUBE FAM! What questions do you have about making money blogging? Drop 'em in the comments. 🙂

  2. FInally… a smart, intelligent and driven female! Love your videos and style 🙂 Subbed

  3. Love this!!!

  4. Abdul Qadir Shaikh

    Did you try to become Hollywood actress?

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  6. great advice

  7. Charli Pierce-Wilcox

    Can blogging on short stories and poetry be profitable? Can I use this info towards that

  8. I want to base my blog off on the fact that I'm about to quit my job and live in a conversion van. (Fixed up of course) so it's basically going to center around alternative lifestyles and travel. So probably lot of pictures. I'm thinking of promoting on instagram.

  9. I'll pay you to set me up blog so I can make money

  10. I've been wanting to start a blog (though I had one years ago) again for AGES! This is by FAR the best and most realistic video I've found on the money making aspect. Also I am a three time college drop out too. 😂 And have the same shitty resume. So you gave me hope at the end there!

  11. I am not sure if blogging is the right thing for me . I want to start with a free blog and after learning from my mistakes , learning techniques I want to buy a domain name and hosting plan
    What would you guide me

    Excuse me for my English

  12. Thanks. I've been doing youtube for a year but now it seems i've completely missed out on email marketing. Uh oh. Time to make a blog 😀

  13. Hi Jorden, I am too a freelance writer like for 2 years around but I am looking for more exposure as well as revenue.
    I just started on videos, by the ways it's great and you present is beautifully. My question is –

    Q – How much demand/ scope is in ' Entertainment' niche ? like as Entertainment Writer – films,television, web series, reviews etc kind of stuff?

  14. can i start a blog to sell my Ebay things?

  15. Thanks to you…I'm bout to get paid….

  16. OMG You are the BEST you could easily be selling this information. I spend a lot on marketing products and not get half the value i just got from this video you rock, love you forever 🙂

  17. Hi..
    After watching your video, I finally decided to start my own blog… This video was so inspirational…14k/month😃😃

  18. she is so pretty.. sorry.. great advice thanks.

  19. Great video.

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