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  1. Blanca Stella Bautista Cruz

    This bussines is much good I LIKE.

  2. thank fucking god for asians…

  3. This was the best email content video I've seen so far for free. seriously. it really maps out what goes into blog posts and promotional content knowing on the back end how the automation process is set up. I wish I could ask a few questions about this but not sure if i'll get a response since this video was 4 years ago.
    – with email marketing still in effect today but people becoming more knowledgeable about the automation process, do you think it tunes out people more today from receiving automated emails knowing that it was pre-written?

  4. Blanca Stella Bautista Cruz


  5. Very informational video. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Sonaichari Diversity

    Mr. I liked your video seeing. Plz show me making money system using email how to.

  7. Hello! Nice video you have there! Since you are on the topic of Email & its tools; have you ever tried " Vidadsmedia Email Tools " (just google it)? My boss had some dealings with them and was impressed by their great knowledge on email tools!

  8. Hey there! Nice video you have there! By the way; have you started communicating with " Vidadsmedia Email Tools " (do a search on google)? My brother had some dealings with them and was impressed by their great knowledge on email tools!

  9. John,  Thank you for sharing your system  of making money online.  I have invested about 500 dollars buying marketing gurus' tutorial programs and even free sign up for Affiliate Programs by Amazon, Ebay, Clickbank . These gurus promise me that I can make at least $500 a month after paying them.  After spending 6 months on these Affiliate programs, I only make a few dollars so far.  Can I sign up as one of your Affiliate members with your advice on how to do it successful and make at least $5,000 to $10,000. If so, how much does signing  up as one of your Affiliate members  with your advice cost?  Can you guarantee that I can make $5000 -$10,000 a month if I join your program? If I don't make this amount of money, can I get a full refund?  This is the promise of the marketing gurus and yet after joining them, I only make a few dollars a month.  So now I am very sceptical after this past bad experience. I need your help.  Please help me. Please reply me as soon as possible. Thank you.Gordon Phua, Retiree (72 years old), Singapore

  10. Hi John, do you run on email ads? I'm am Revimedia's business development manager, we own and operate our own offers and are looking for talented guys who know what they're doing on email marketing, Native platforms and Facebook ads to run our campaigns. I'd love if you reach out to me on Skype: nadiv_e._schorer so that we can discuss how we can do some business.

  11. hi johnHow about people in Singapore can do this kind of promotion. Will those email member get the purse free. Look great and valuable.  Possible and is the site free to sign up.

  12. Fantastic video, John. Definitely going to implement "cleaning the list" – never thought of that before.

  13. I'm able to make over 70 dollars per day and the site I'm using is
    (Just Google) James make money blueprint

  14. I do blogging on word press but I not sure if I'm on my he was right way to success..

  15. You are rocking (y) I want to sell like you and am going to follow your blog

  16. 29:53 Just had a chance to view more of this video and I must say that that method for getting business card contacts onto your list is simply brilliant! Even though, strictly speaking, subscribing someone onto your list violates Aweber's rules, I doubt they would frown on anyone doing it in the manner you've described. After all, although you would have no record of the converstion, the lead did say that they wanted a copy of your article. Also, since they get the confirmation email the same night, it's highly unlikely they would unsubscribe, unless they have amnesia!

  17. 30:10 Actually, it's not a violation of the CAN-SPAM Act to send unsolicited emails. You can read it here: However, I should hasten to add that practically none of the ESPs (Aweber, ConstantContact etc.) allow it.

  18. So how to start a more simple way?

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