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  1. Thank you for the advice.Ttfn.

  2. Subscribed. Great video, I'm just starting to learn copywriting and direct marketing and was totally lost as to where to start out. This really helps thanks.

  3. Marcus Pretorius

    Am broke. I'm writing all of the letters out by hand on paper.

  4. I'm confused. He said the Boron Letters were originally sent out as mailers/newsletters but from what I see, these are letters that were sent to his son, Bond. I don't see any mailers/newsletters.

  5. 1. letters
    2. advertising secrets by joe sugarman

  6. Does anyone know where to find the book by Joseph Sugarman under 50 bucks? Or is it really worth it?? Hardcopy on Amazon about 60 bucks, Half Price books 70, and Barnes and Nobles $200+

  7. I will read both books and will take notes. Very kind of you to share this information. Thank you.

  8. Just ordered the advertising book which will arrive next week. Meanwhile im going to print out the boron letters. I remember seeing a comment by you on a Reddit thread where you recommended to read the boron letters. Ive only been reading it online! ahah Shouldve included to print it out! Thanks for the help bud.

  9. Great accent lighting on your guitar, btw. Oh, and thanks for the mind-blowing, life changing advice that almost no one will take =] I will

  10. Hello, the new title for "Advertising secret of the written words is" the adweek copywritting handbook"

    the first version in just way to much money,  you can have the last new version for 20 🙂

  11. I would argue your data on printing them out and reading them is biased. If I don't print them out, I'm probably not going to read them, while if I'm actually going to read them, I'll want to motivate myself to do so, so I'll follow your advice and print them.

    Just discovered you (from the Art of Charm podcast), I'm a huge Noah Kagan fan, but you're giving him a run for his money 🙂

  12. Mate, starting off mocking ppl who have sought your help – not so cool…I get you're over the top charisma but just some food for thought.

  13. Nickie McNichols

    Thanks! I'm going to do this!

  14. I highly recommend a laser printer. That's 122 pages in total.

  15. GREAT advice.

  16. I really like the editing of vids… 

  17. Michael Santonato

    Dude! Sick! Thanks!

  18. Werner van Rooyen

    Yo Nev, the link you shared doesn't have the Kindle version of Sugarman's book ($60+ hardcover was the cheapest). Found it by searching for the title in the Kindle store. You might want to link to it in the description…

  19. Neville, great video. I read both books twice. (Printed off the Boron letters too). So once we have done this, should we just start trying to sell something and see how we do? (ie practice)? Or should we do/read something else?

  20. Just finished Gary Halbert Letters and Sugarman's book. Really really good stuff. Printed off the halbert letters and halfway through it the second time. I'm gonna read the Sugarman book again. Those are really really good books!!! Thanks so much that is the best free advice ever!!! Neville, what do you think of video sales letters?

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