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Sales & Marketing Alignment: Can We Bury the Hatchet?

We are coming to end of 2017. Yet the subject of Sales & Marketing alignment still seems as pertinent today as it has ever been.

In many organizations the frustrations seem to endure with every passing year – the age-old blame games are played out (especially at this time of the calendar when the stresses of closing the year strongly are most acute).

Sales bemoan the quality of leads that Marketing is sending over, and Marketing decries the ability of Sales to close these self-same leads. With all this bemoaning and decrying going on, is it any wonder that the mere suggestion of trying to improve Sales & Marketing alignment is met with cynicism at best, and outright hostility at worst?

And technology, far from helping the situation, has too often simply automated or helped to make the dysfunction more efficient (if that is not oxymoronic but then again so much of this arcane conflict is). Now there is an excuse to engage less and hide behind the screen and push a few buttons rather than sit down and figure out what each group needs from the other.

Will 2018 be the year when we finally accept that changes in buyer behavior have driven a horse and carriage through whatever firewalls and lines of demarcation both Sales and Marketing have used as comfort blankets or excuses not to engage?

To try and answer this, we at Sales POP! have Sales & Marketing Alignment as the theme for November. We have engaged with some of the leading thought leaders in the Sales and Marketing space to discuss this subject. We have interviews, panel discussions and a host of blog posts for you to enjoy. We hope these inspire you to take a lead in your organization and help both parties realize they need each other, they can help each other and together they are unstoppable.

Isn’t time to bury the hatchet (and not in each other’s back either)?

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