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  1. So interesting, love it!

  2. Shawn Clark, Realtor

    How old is this? He's talking about Obama and the real estate crash of 2006 and 2008.

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  5. The defenition of lies and deception = Affiliate marketing

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  7. Digital Nomad Movement Is Run by Scammers

    Another scam artist promoting scams. You Tube is the world's largest portal for scam artists!

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  10. This guys voice is so so so so so so so IRRATATING! HIS VOICE MAKES MY EARS BLEED!!!!!!

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  14. pleasee some one tell me its real…

  15. i sure hope this info is still good.

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  17. There is very little useful information here. Mainly it is two guys sitting around massaging each other's egos. For what information it offers start at minute 20.

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