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Self Motivation After Rejection

Handling Rejection for Salespeople With Self Motivation

As a salesperson, rejection is inevitable. It’s practically in the job description. Salespeople have to deal with a constant stream of rejection and hearing a lot of “no’s,” more than almost any other profession. Considering this obstacle, salespeople can very easily get defeated, lose motivation, and question their abilities. This mindset is toxic to the productivity and success of a salesperson, and understanding how to overcome constant rejection is vital to anyone wanting to achieve their professional sales goals.

Richie Contartesi also knows what it’s like to face consistent rejection. He had a lifelong dream of playing big-time college football, but at 5’7 and 150 pounds, his goals always seemed out of reach. In spite of the odds, Contartesi actually did overcome the rejection and earned a full scholarship at Ole Miss through his own self motivation.

“Everyone always told me it was impossible. Everyone always told me I wasn’t talented enough. Everyone always told me it was an unrealistic dream,” said Contartesi. “But what all of these people didn’t know was how hard I was willing to work, and all of the obstacles I was willing to overcome. What they didn’t see was my character.”

Since his days playing college football, Contartesi has become a #1 bestselling author of a book chronicling his journey, and now spends his time as a Motivational Youth Keynote Speaker, sharing his story of overcoming rejection with schools and organizations across the country. There is a lot that can be said for someone who overcomes such profound obstacles.

This video highlights some of the best moments from Contartesi’s speaking career, giving those in the sales world a glimpse into how he tells the tale of his own self motivation, and how others can self motivate themselves. For more information on Contartesi, check out his expert sales interview with John Golden, and his book, In Spite of the Odds: A true Inspirational Journey from Walk-on to Full Scholarship at Ole Miss.

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