Thursday , September 20 2018
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  1. pl so tell us as how to access F/B to put affiliate link, instead showing other pages.

  2. Its really great video .Social media marketing is the most important element for the success in marketing. Social is the most powerful tool to promote your product among customers. Through social media marketing, you don’t need to spend a single penny for advertising. Thank you for sharing the very informative video..

  3. Hi, what is organic and paid marketing?

  4. aakanksha sisodiya

    hii deepak sir wanted to know in how much minimum budget I can get results by fd ads?

  5. Hello sir,
    i want to ask one thing that if i have a facebook account along with that i want to do affiliate marketing on that pag. i dont know more about affiliate marketing also but may be from the example you will get what i actully want to know for eg.
    i have a facebook page and i am posting a link from flipkart clothing category on my facebook page now if any of my friends will open that link and buy that cloth/garment then am i eligable to get money from flipkark?

    please reply.

  6. Hello sir,

    You are doing a great job, by sharing quality content on your blog and youtube.
    but there is one small problem in your videos.

    please create a different playlist of your videos so we can learn digital marketing in easy and sequential manner.

    Thanks a lot.

  7. Thanks sir to sharing such type of information.

  8. kiran kumar Chemudugunta

    Please make a video for FB Page and Fan page maintenance Deepak. Glad to interact with you in one of work shop

  9. Hi Deepak,

    I am having issues with Facebook advert results. Can you pls suggest ant solution. As after doing a lot of research I felt the issue is from FB algorithms due to which my money is getting wasted.

  10. Absolutely great information, we are glad to learning many things from you, can you please make video on an SEO live project. #many are looking for it # Hope is on

    Thank you sir,

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