Tuesday , February 20 2018
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Averting Sales Risk with Sunk Cost

What is the principle of sunk cost, and how can it be practically applied to sales? For it certainly can. Sunk cost is a principle of economics. Sunk costs are costs that a company has already invested in products or services that must now be profitably recovered. These are costs ...

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How much should SEO cost?

How much should you be paying for SEO services? This subject can be a real minefield, so we first recommend some quick background reading of Jayson DeMers’ commentary from 2015 on how much time SEO should take, and also Clark Boyd’s recent article on choosing the right SEO agency. All read ...

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How Much Do Instagram Ads Cost? [Infographic]

What’s going on on Instagram these days? Glad you asked, because an infographic by AdEspresso, a Facebook ad manager that’s part of the Hootsuite family, explains trends on the social platform—both in posts and in ad prices. As for who’s popular, celebrities have the biggest followings on Instagram, but influencers are knocking ...

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