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Coaching the Customer

Jeffrey Lipsius wants you to coach the customer. Salespeople often spend more time looking at their own sales record, as opposed to their customer’s sales record. But, customer buying performance is significant, and something that should be taken into heavy consideration. This isn’t just another conversation about how to coach ...

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When Do You Lose Customer Trust?

Have you ever started talking to someone and then a “look” comes over them? They pull back a little, maybe cross their arms or turn their body away from you. You’ve just lost their trust. What was it you said or did that triggered their distrust response? It could be ...

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Sprinklr adds AI to its customer experience platform

Over the last year, Sprinklr has repositioned itself as a customer experience cloud, centered around its former role as a social media listening and management platform. In another move to boost its capabilities, the company is this week adding the first installment of an artificial intelligence layer to its platform, ...

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Customer Integration

Customer integration at the most basic level is about having a company that can truly help the customer in every way. This person becomes a valuable resource to the customers because the customer knows where to go, and who to talk to in order to get the job done. In ...

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