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Every Word Matters – Finding the Right Language

Did you ever wish you had more compelling language when speaking with prospects? Most companies spend very little time, if any, developing their sales message and making sure it works. You’ve spent time developing your website and brochure; you may even have a trade show booth. But how much time ...

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Using Win-Loss Analysis to Win-Win Every Time

Win more Sales! Win-Loss Analysis Moves You to Win-Win Every Time Being in sales is a tough business, particularly when you look at the odds of winning compared to losing. The only high statistic you can count on is pressure from management. This pressure increases stress and leads to an ...

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Stop adding Stories to every app

Every few months it seems another company copies Snapchat’s Stories feature that lets users create approximately 10-second videos their followers can view for just 24 hours. First Instagram announced it was introducing Stories in 2016, followed by YouTube, Facebook, and Skype in 2017. Even dating apps like  Bumble and Match have ...

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5 Sales KPIs Every Business Must Consider

Metrics are key when you’re forecasting sales and the performance of your sales pipeline. They provide the analytical information you need to ensure your sales team (and sales funnel) are doing all the right things. But what sales KPIs should you measure? Check out our slideshare and see! Let’s block ...

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4 Key Things I Tell Every Sales Manager

Being a sales manager is one of the hardest jobs in the sales profession. You have a million plates in the air. You need to manage up the chain, and manage your sales team to get the best possible business results. Do you have what it takes to be an ...

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