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What Are the Signs of a Great Sales Manager Hire?

Every recruiter deals with the issue of hiring a sales manager, which is a tough process of candidate search, comparison, selection, interviewing and, only afterward, employing. To make this process less significant, we’ve made a guide on how to identify an expert sales manager. Bear in mind that if a ...

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Where a Great Sales Strategy Begins

Off the Cuff Interview Question: Where does a great sales strategy begin? A great sales strategy begins with the company leaders sharing the same vision and understanding what it will take to get the results they need. The strategy must be based on a goal that was set using information ...

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Off the Cuff: That Great Opening Question

Jermaine Edwards Off the Cuff Interview Question: “What is an example of a great opening question to get a cold prospect to talk to you?” For most sales professionals just getting the right person on the phone is a struggle enough. By time a prospect actually answers the phone they’re ...

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How to Become a Great Sales Coach

What is the difference between a sales manager that does poorly, one that does just okay, and one that really excels? Join sales expert and author Kevin F. Davis as he walks us through one major factor: a sales manager’s ability as a sales coach. What makes for a great ...

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