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What Makes a Good Sales Manager Great?

Frequently I am asked by management teams to attend their sales meetings, to give feedback, and to participate in how my customers are developing their revenue engines. These meetings are often designed around team building events on a beach or at a resort with a golf course. Sometimes they are ...

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6 Things Great Sales Managers Do Differently

When we think of an effective sales manager we often think of someone who manages a sales team that consistently hits the sales goals and objectives set by their company. But success is more than a number. Here are six things that the best sales managers do differently. Things that ...

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6 Great Technology Sales Insights

1. “Mine’s Better” In technology sales, salespeople are often trained to focus on their product’s or service’s “bells and whistles” (features). This is done in an effort to convince potential buyers that their offering beats their competitor’s. The focus is put onto the technical (often slight) differences and advantages of ...

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A Great Sales Leadership Formula

Does great sales leadership have a formula? Maybe not, but it will be found that all great sales leaders who achieve great sales success share common characteristics. Throughout my 25-year career in corporate sales, I’ve had the pleasure of working for (and with) a good number of fantastic sales leaders. ...

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8 Great Sales Enablement Systems

The America’s Cup race team is highly selective about which sailors are allowed to crew the ship. If the team wants to win, the best people are needed. A company should be equally selective about who sells its products or services. Your salespeople are your face to the customer and ...

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Secrets of Great Storytelling in Sales

Off the Cuff Instant Interview Question: What is the secret to becoming a great storyteller as part of pitching? The secret to becoming a great storyteller is to have a story that is clear, concise and compelling. When you tell stories you tug at the heartstrings which makes people want ...

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