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Be Alert for Proof of Sales Impact

We’re definitely working in a business world with a mantra of, “What can you do for me today?” Yesterday’s good deeds were expected and therefore not counted as exceptional. However, if you perform at a high level, especially in sales, people will notice. When this happens, I advise my clients ...

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5 Ways the GDPR Will Impact Your Facebook Ads

If you’re based–or advertise to customers–in Europe, there’s a pretty decent chance you’re familiar with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Since Facebook is one of the world’s most popular advertising platforms, they felt it necessary to put together a release regarding how advertisers (you) can use their data moving ...

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The Impact of Effective Sales Coaching

Sales coaching is one of the top—if not the top function of a sales manager. How much time should a sales manager spend on coaching? Steven recommends at least 60 percent. So that’s the quantity—but what’s the quality? In this insightful video, Steven covers what sales coaching is, and what ...

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The True Impact of Sales Competition

“In the dark of the night, every cat’s a leopard.” This old Indian saying provides keen insight into enterprise selling and understanding the sophisticated sales competition who come prepared in the enterprise arena. We must know them and account for them. But what do we see in much of the ...

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