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5 Characteristics of Top Sales Leadership

Strong sales leadership builds, nurtures and inspires. Weak leaders are ineffective at best, and destructive and demoralizing at worst. The business world has always had its share of both—but there are few areas where it matters more than in sales.A bad sales manager can adversely affect the backbone of any organization—sales ...

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A Great Sales Leadership Formula

Does great sales leadership have a formula? Maybe not, but it will be found that all great sales leaders who achieve great sales success share common characteristics. Throughout my 25-year career in corporate sales, I’ve had the pleasure of working for (and with) a good number of fantastic sales leaders. ...

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How Learning Leadership Improves Sales Results

Here’s what we know: Modern buyers are empowered, demanding, finicky, price-focused, impatient, and less loyal than they used to be. They take extraordinary measures to dodge sellers’ calls and won’t meet with us until they’re ready to buy – and then, it seems, all they want to talk about is ...

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High Performance Leadership with DISC Styles

If, as someone once said, tact is the radar of the mind, then practicing DISC theory can be a valuable tune-up of your antenna. Indeed, DISC can have a positive effect on almost every aspect of managing. With each of the four behavioral styles, there’s a different way to communicate ...

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