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Drama: It Costs Sales Management

It’s Monday morning and Jennifer in Sales Management needs to provide feedback about sales performance and attitude to Joe, a team member. She dreads having this conversation because Joe is a drama king. He takes all feedback personally and usually responds with blame and excuses. Joe is what I call ...

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Precise Opportunity Management Through CRM

At the very heart of running a sales pipeline is opportunity management. Opportunity management consists of, first, setting up a sales process. This means knowing the various stages that your opportunities pass through, from lead all the way to close. When you know how long a deal takes to make ...

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Effective Lead Management Through CRM

As there are many, many books on sales management, so there are endless publications, articles and blogs on the subject of lead generation. This article doesn’t touch that subject, but addresses another vital topic: how to handle leads as they’re coming in, and the basics of establishing your lead management. ...

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Sales Management, We Have a Problem

The current level of sales management is failing companies. It is failing customers and it is failing the employees. Average tenure of a sales leader has dropped from 26 months (bad) to 18 months (horrible) 80% plus want to meet with a sales person only after they have developed the ...

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2 Quick Tips to Increase Sales Management Effectiveness

In this video, Adrian Davis offers 2 quick but powerful tips to increase effectiveness in sales management. Don’t drive looking in your rear-view mirror. It’s fine to look over reports of what’s been done, but to effectively manage you need to look out ahead, and manage behavior accordingly. Don’t drive ...

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3 Steps to Effective Sales Management

As sales managers, you all know how important it is to be effective at managing your sales staff and sales pipeline. Moreover, you must be honest with yourself and your executive team because in today’s competitive marketplace and uncertain economy, it is difficult to manage sales structures, products, policies, and ...

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