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Sales and Marketing: What They Both Need to Learn

What Marketers Need to Know About Sales and Vice-Versa When you have both your sales and marketing teams working together, you will know about it! Unfortunately, this is not always the case. More often than not, sales teams and marketing teams ignore one another and do not appreciate the value ...

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What Salespeople Need Most: Sales Resilience!

Let’s face it—if there a great quantity of any one thing in sales, it’s rejection. Salespeople face it day in and day out. So if there’s anything that they really need, it’s sales resilience! Enter sales consultant, author and resilience expert Michael Licenblat, who has dedicated his career to giving ...

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The Crucial Need for Rehumanizing Sales

How is the human aspect being eliminated from today’s sales landscape? What does “rehumanizing sales” mean? What is the real role of artificial intelligence? How does a salesperson survive in the cognitive era? What “humanizing” skills does a salesperson need to exercise and develop, especially today? What ability has 40 ...

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Everything You Need to Know about Using GIFs in Email

[embedded content] GIFs have come a long way since the Internet’s early GeoCities days when sites were littered with 8-bit dancing kittens and flashing rainbows. At AWeber, we create a lot of custom GIFs. (Check out these brand-new FREE Valentine’s Day GIFs that your readers will love.) So we’ve learned ...

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