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Breaking Down Silos In Process & People: Five Ways To Integrate SEO-PPC To Maximize Your ROI

Like any service-based industry, it’s easy to have an “hours-in, deliverables-out” mentality. We all have goals to hit with limited time, and marketing consultants often default to measuring through channel-specific clicks, traffic, and keywords. But here’s the problem—users don’t care about channels and keywords (and neither do CEOs, to be ...

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Sales People: Appoint Yourself Head of Changes

If you’re in sales and hear that you must be ’ready to embrace changes’ and you think ‘Oh! Again?’ you’re not alone, and it only gets worse. See why and how sales people can break habits most effectively and handle new demands and opportunities in your sales job. “Change is the ...

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Why Do Empathetic Sales People Win More?

Empathy is an emotional intelligence skill. Put simply, empathy is the ability to “walk a mile” in someone else’s shoes. It requires paying sharp attention to know what another person thinks or feels. An enormous influence skill, empathy is not often covered in sales books or sales training courses. Why? ...

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